I’ll admit that I initially felt numb when I heard about the landmark Supreme Court ruling yesterday. I think it’s because of the fact that ever since my own marriage suddenly imploded in late 2011, I’ve become pretty jaded about the whole institution of marriage altogether. While I’m happy that my LGBTQ friends can now have the opportunity to marry whomever they want, please forgive me for not being as enthusiastic as I would’ve been had that same ruling been made prior to December, 2011.

I saw that social media have erupted with all kinds of rainbow graphics and many of my friends have plastered rainbow-themed photos on Facebook. Late last night before I went to bed, I did my own rainbow themed picture. I did it in Tux Paint because I was pretty tired (I went to a farewell party that was thrown for a longtime member of my support group for people who are separated or divorced because she’ll be moving to Florida soon then, on the way home, I made a brief stop at a local coffeehouse where I ran into some more of my friends who were decked out in rainbow-themed shirts and other accessories while celebrating the Supreme Court decision) and I didn’t have the energy to work on some involved art project late on a Friday night.

So I turned to Tux Paint where I used a few simple features (like the Stamp and Magic tools) and came up with this picture.