I have a friend named Phil Shapiro whose day job is working in the computer lab at the local public library but I think Open Source Evangelist Geek is probably a closer description of him. He was the one who got me to write a tutorial on Tux Paint because he really wanted to get the word out about this software for children that’s a free legal open source alternative to Kid Pix. (The software itself has been out since 2002 but Phil was—and still is—incredibly enthusiastic about that product like it was something new that was released yesterday.)

Shameless Plug Opportunity: I have those Tux Paint tutorials on sale in my Gumroad shop. You can get the video version for only $2 right here. You can get the text version for only $2 here. If you want both versions, you can get the Combined Value Package where you get both versions for only $3 (instead of paying $4 to buy both tutorials separately). You can see a free speeded-up preview of the video version right here.

He’s not only a big enthusiast about open source software but he also is into bridging the digital divide and making computers accessible to more people, especially children. A few years ago he collaborated with a family in creating this song called “Oh Metadata” then he made this video where he can be seen dancing to the song. (So you can say that he made a music video. LOL!)

Well Phil did it again. He wrote another song called “Open Source is Yours and Mine.” I heard it for the first time last night while I was in this weird mood. I had this idea so I opened up my copy of Tux Paint for the first time in a couple of months and went through the software’s collection of stamps until I found one that resembled a penguin. Ever since Red Hat Linux adopted a penguin as its logo, that flightless bird has become synonymous with open source. (Just do a search under “penguin” on OpenClipArt.org to see all the free penguin clip art that’s available.) So I created this quick graphic of a penguin singing “Open Source is Yours and Mine.”


I let Phil know via Twitter about what I’ve done. He’s now using that image as his avatar on SoundCloud.com, which is where you can hear his latest song, “Open Source is Yours and Mine.”