My support group for people who are separated or divorced was sponsoring another outing to see the minor league baseball team Bowie Baysox play a home game and I decided to purchase a ticket for myself for $15.

I had a pretty good time despite the weather. For the past few days the weather had been very humid with temperatures going as high as the low 90’s and game day was no different. The AccuWeather app on my smartphone had predicted scattered thunderstorms for the following day so I left my umbrella in my car then headed to the stadium. That turned out to be a big mistake on my part and AccuWeather was totally wrong about its weather prediction but I’ll write more on that later. I knew I had arrived at the stadium when I started seeing sights like these.



The next photo shows the cover of the program I received that night. It was hyping the annual Star Wars Night except that day was scheduled to take place on the following night after my support group had arranged for this group outing. I wasn’t bitter though because last year I went with my support group to a Bowie Baysox game on Star Wars Night and I still have plenty of recent memories (and photographs) of that event.


The pre-game opening act was a local gymnastics team comprising of teenage girls doing tumbles, flips, and cartwheels.


I attempted some action shots behind home plate but I was seated too far away to take too many pictures without using the smartphone’s zoom feature. Besides, I was more into just enjoying the game than taking pictures of it.


I remember hearing that our game was also known as Looney Tunes Night. I finally saw what that meant when the skies suddenly started to rain and most of us went up to the food area so we could stay under the awning. During my time trying to avoid the rain, I saw Bugs Bunny, who was the only Looney Tunes character who showed up that night. He also didn’t stay outside long because, despite the rain, it was still hot and humid outside and that kind of weather isn’t meant for being dressed as a cartoon rabbit. I managed to get a couple of shots during Bugs’ brief time outside.



Yeah, seeing Bugs Bunny brought me back all those memories as a child when I used to watch the Looney Tunes cartoons on television every Saturday morning.

Eventually the rain stopped so I returned to my seat where I saw Louie, the Bowie Baysox mascot, give away $25 to a lucky fan as part of a contest called “Win Louie’s Money.”


There was one more short shower during my time at the game then there was the occasional drizzle that lasted for a few minutes. The weather was a little bit cooler but it was still humid like crazy. I managed to catch some nice sunset pictures though.




While I was in the stadium I posted a few things about my baseball outing on Facebook as well. The Baysox played this game against the Portland Sea Dogs, who are affiliated with the major league Boston Red Sox and I have a friend from church who is originally from Boston so she grew up as a Red Sox fan so I was able to tell her about the game via Facebook. In a way technology is great. Here I was enjoying a baseball game with my new friends from my support group while continuing to make Facebook posts about the game for the benefit of my old friends (many of whom knew both me and my then-husband long before our divorce).

At one point Louie ran a short pep rally encouraging the Bowie Baysox to play their best and win.


There was even this hilariously goofy sumo wrestling contest between two young fans dressed in ultra bulky costumes.


The next picture shows the final score. The Bowie Baysox defeated the Portland Sea Dogs 8-7.


I sent the photo and a short message to my Boston native friend on Facebook and she took the news of the defeat pretty well. (The Red Sox aren’t having a good season this year. Ditto for the Baltimore Orioles, as a matter of fact.)

After the game ended there was a fireworks show. Like the other Baysox games I attended with fireworks, this one was fantastic to watch.






Once the fireworks ended many children under 12 lined up for the traditional running of the bases (which is a feature of the Baysox home games).


I went to the bathroom after the fireworks ended and I stayed there for a while because I felt mildly queasy. (I think it was a combination of the hot weather and stadium food that did me in.) By the time I felt well enough to leave, I saw that the running of the bases had ended and the baseball stadium employees were tidying up the fields for the next game on the following evening.