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For gardening enthusiasts who also like to shop at Ikea: 19 Incredibly Clever Ways To Use Ikea Products As Your Garden.

17 Hobbies You Can Pick Up For Free Online

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36 Career Tips No One Will Actually Tell You shows, among other things, why it’s good to be always polite to the receptionist at the office.

How to Be Happy is a simple 10-point guide on how to find happiness anywhere you go.

How to Worry Less is another simple guide on why sometimes you just need to let go of your obsessions and let nature take its course.

The American middle class isn’t coming back—it’s going to die with the Baby Boomers sounds depressing but, unfortunately, it will be accurate unless radical policy changes are implemented. It’s also one of the few articles that actually admit that there are subtle differences between those who were born in the latter part of the Silent Generation and the early part of the Baby Boom (1940-1955) and those who were born at the tail end of the Baby Boom (1956-1965) and later in terms of overall prosperity rates.

The Decline of Analog Photography Seen Through Pictures brought back memories for me because when I took my first college-level photography class (Photojournalism I at the University of Maryland at College Park), I had to learn how to use a darkroom to develop film and print photographs. Half of those skills I learned in that class are now obsolete thanks to digital photography. Just seeing pictures of abandoned darkrooms and traditional photography studios seemed so poignant.

30 Vintage Photos of Little Girls Posing With Their Dolls are incredibly cute even if they were taken many years ago. Most of the dolls in the photos are very pretty and they are the antithesis of this next link.

Weird Vintage Toys That Scream “What Were You Thinking!?”