On the last day of May I decided to attend two back-to-back workshops that were held at Makerspace 125 in Greenbelt, Maryland. The first workshop was on creating your own art dolls. I haven’t created an art doll since Cinnamon Fire back in 2010 and I was winging it when I created her. (I originally did it for a contest that was sponsored by Art Doll Quarterly magazine but my entry didn’t get anywhere with the judges.)

This workshop was taught by a person who has been creating art dolls for a while. The next photo shows some of the art dolls she has created.

Art Doll Workshop at Makerspace 125, May 31, 2015

And here is my new art doll that I created in that workshop.

Art Doll Workshop at Makerspace 125, May 31, 2015

I intentionally created a melancholy doll because I went through a bit of a bad patch lately stemming in large part from the fact that this workshop took place shortly before what would’ve been my wedding anniversary had my husband not abruptly left me for a woman whom I once thought was my friend (but I now know differently) and my constant fretting over financial problems.

Art Doll Workshop at Makerspace 125, May 31, 2015

She measures about four inches tall. She has a clothespin body, a small wood base, pipe cleaner arms, and a face that the instructor had made from clay using a mold. (The faces were plain and we had to do face ups using watercolor pencils.)

Art Doll Workshop at Makerspace 125, May 31, 2015

I made her long hair from yarn that I glued on to her head. Her dress was made from a scrap of black fabric. I used a piece of fancy ribbon to create a headdress that suggests a veil. I glued tiny floral accents to each wrist.

Art Doll Workshop at Makerspace 125, May 31, 2015

I used red fabric scraps to cut out a broken heart that I glued to her chest. As I was cutting the tiny heart into two pieces, I found that I had frayed the material a little bit. I still used it because the frayed heart only further drove home the sadness and grief I’ve felt nonstop since the abrupt separation and divorce. I only wished that there had been a sad face available because I would’ve used it. I ended up using the face that came closest to being the slightly less than happy.

Art Doll Workshop at Makerspace 125, May 31, 2015

Pictures of my art doll, along with ones of other art dolls done by other people, are now on display at the Makerspace 125 website.

That workshop was immediately followed by another workshop on watercolors. While I’ve done watercolors mixed with other media (usually either ink or acrylic paint), I haven’t done an art piece using only watercolor since the time I did a series of apple watercolors for a Commercial Illustration class at a local community college where I had to deal with this teacher who had this unnatural obsession with me and my work that creeped me out so much that I ended up quitting taking art classes at that school.

Fortunately the teacher for this watercolor class was a very nice woman who’s pretty sane and normal (compared to that Commercial Illustration teacher) and I enjoyed this workshop as much as the previous art dolls workshop. Here is my watercolor.

Watercolor Workshop at Makerspace 125, May 31, 2015

It all started when the teacher instructed us to wet the paper first then put down a layer of whatever color we choose and I happened to choose blue. As I put down that layer, I began to think about the water and I thought it would be a perfect aquatic theme. I used my smartphone to do a Google search on a few images of fish swimming in the ocean before I remembered that it’s now crab season in Maryland so I did a blue crab. (I opted to do the blue crab as a living creature before it would be thrown in a pot of boiling water where it would turn red.) I used a couple of blue crab photos that I found through Google as my reference guide when working on the crab. My teacher and classmates liked it, which was cool. You can now view my blue crab along with other watercolors done by my classmates on Makerspace 125’s site.

Here’s a last photo of the two items I made in two back-to-back workshops at Makerspace 125.

The Items I Made at Two Workshops at Makerspace 125