I pretty much stayed close to home during Memorial Day Weekend. On the holiday itself I spent most of my time gardening and trying to clean up my yard in general. (Which is a challenge considering all the rain we were getting.) In the evening I decided to head off to this bar that I literally haven’t visited since my college days mainly because I heard that it is currently having a series of pinball contests.

I last visited Town Hall when I was still a student at the University of Maryland a long time ago. I went with my then-boyfriend and his friend. At the time that place was literally a dive with some rough redneck looking people. I’ll never forget this one man sitting at the bar who had such a huge gut on him that, if he was a woman, I would’ve thought that he was nine months pregnant and close to delivering a baby. I subsequently broke up with that boyfriend and I ended up with another college boyfriend who became my ex-husband but he and I never went to Town Hall together because I still had less than fond memories of the place. Even after the old Town Hall was completely razed and a new one was built in its place, I hadn’t gotten around to going back. Until this past Memorial Day.

There weren’t a lot of people the night I was there. (I think there was one bartender on duty with two other patrons just hanging around.) I checked out the pinball machines and they looked impressive.



My personal favorite was the one that was based on the British TV show Doctor Who.


Here’s the art featuring just a portion of the different personas of The Doctor (as played by different actors in over the show’s 50 years in existence).


The top of the pinball machine had a Dalek.


The pinball game itself had a miniature Tardis where the pinball could go through.


I didn’t stay too long at Town Hall because I was still kind of tired from spending most of the day gardening. I saw the information about a summer Pinball League that was planning on holding its tournaments in Town Hall. This league is affiliated with something called the Free State Pinball Association. The ultimate end-of-the-season grand prize is a pinball machine. For me winning a pinball machine would be a nightmare because I wouldn’t know where to put it in my modest size townhouse.