I have entered a design in Spoonflower’s Hedgehog contest starting now and running until June 17. Here is my design, called RoboHedgy. robohedgy-instagramversion You can read the backstory on how I came up with this design here. Voting has just started and you can vote right here. For those of you who like other hedgehog designs besides RoboHedgy, you can vote for more than one design at a time. However, you can only vote on that site once. So I have this expectation of people willing to stuff the ballot box for RoboHedgy until the contest ends. (But, then again, there’s a huge difference between expectations and reality. LOL!) So vote for RoboHedgy right here, right now.

Update (June 16, 2015): I found out that one of my friends, Penney Hughes of Blooming Wylde Iris Designs, is also in the same contest. The good news is that you don’t have to choose whether to vote for her design or mine, you can vote for both of us. (Here is what her entry, Forget Me Not Hedgehogs, looks like.) You can also vote for any other hedgehog design that suits your fancy as well. Remember that June 17 is the last day to vote in this contest so if you haven’t done so already, vote right here.