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33 DIYs For The Classiest Person You Know shows how anyone can make decorative items that look like they came from a very upscale store in an affluent area at a fraction of the cost of buying a similar item from such a store.

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If I live to be 89, I hope I can dance up a storm like Dick Van Dyke does in this music video by The Dustbowl Revival called “Never Had to Go.”

Here is why Masayoshi Matsumoto is called the Michelangelo of balloon art.

Pinterest users will like this latest news: In the future there will be a “Buy” option for all those items that we love to pin and re-pin.

Thanks to going to the Baltimore chapter of the Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, I’ve gotten to know and photograph the Station North Arts District. Among my photos of the area is this one of a large mural featuring a Korean man with Korean writing. The Baltimore City Paper has identified the man in the mural and he is the father of Jae Won Kim, the owner of Seoul Rice Cake.

A few months ago I wrote a post about a few disgruntled American Girl fans who are trying to start a movement to get the doll company to include more non-white dolls among their products (especially as Girl of the Year). One enterprising parent isn’t waiting for American Girl to do the right thing for her child’s sake—she is in the process of starting a line of 18-inch dolls of color called Naturally Perfect Dolls and she has turned to Kickstarter to help get her idea off the ground.

It’s bad enough that Walt Disney World had laid off 250 employees last October. But, to make things even worse for their now ex-employees, they were forced to train their own replacements—foreign workers who entered the U.S. on the H-1B visas. Any laid off employee who refused were denied an extra “stay bonus” that was 10% of severance pay.

Meanwhile, over at Gawker media, the workers there are having an entirely different experience from the Walt Disney World employees—they have just voted to unionize.

If Caitlyn (née Bruce) Jenner had been born a Native American, not only would her declared gender be respected but she would honored as having two spirits—one for each gender (the person’s declared gender and original birth gender). This is among the five shockingly progressive ideas from cultures that Westerners frequently deride as “primitive.”