I created this animation way back in 2000. By that time I got my own website called Twisted Unicorn and I basically focused on uploading my animations there on that site and less on BBS and CompuServe.

“Words of Wisdom From a ’Survivor’” is a parody of the hit CBS reality show Survivor, which had just ended in its first season just before I started working on this animation. At the time it became the number one hit show because it was so different and unique. Survivor was among the shows that ushered in the trend towards reality TV programming, a trend that shows no signs of ending anytime soon. As the original writeup for this animation puts it:

The Unicorn With An Attitude confronts Richard, the Machiavellian winner of the hit TV game show Survivor.

The winner of that first season was Richard Hatch, an openly gay man who was also Machiavellian and ruthless in his pursuit of the ultimate victory. He would go to great lengths to psyche his competitors out, even to the point of taking off his clothes and running around naked so the TV censors had to pixelate parts of his body.

Richard Hatch won $1 million from the show then promptly failed to report it to the IRS, resulting in his being convicted for tax evasion and serving prison time. He subsequently purchased property in Sydney, Nova Scotia that was later sold in a tax sale when he failed to pay property taxes on it for six years. This site has a whole litany of Hatch’s tax troubles and his frequent insistence that he has done nothing wrong.

Every now and then he’ll show up in some reality show (such as The Celebrity Apprentice) but he seems to have mostly gone back to obscurity. At least the Wikipedia has a page devoted to him as a reminder of his glory days as the winner of the first Survivor season.

Survivor is still on the air, even though the days when it was such a huge hit that it even garnered magazine covers is far behind it. As of this writing, it’s gearing up for its 31st season run, which will take place in Koh Rong, Cambodia.

So, without further ado, here is “Words of Wisdom From a ‘Survivor’”: