When The Guardian‘s app came through with this push notification on my smartphone earlier this evening, I had to restrain myself from doing my happy dance in public when I was eating dinner at the Market Cafe that’s located inside Wegmans just before I went to my weekly meeting of my support group for people who are separated or divorced.

All six Baltimore police officers in Freddie Gray case indicted by grand jury

At last a grand jury in Baltimore was able to do what similar grand juries in Ferguson and New York City failed to do: indict any police officers for police brutality against unarmed African American men. After spending weeks being ashamed that I was ever associated with the city of my birth, I can now say that I’m proud of being from Baltimore, even though I haven’t lived there since I was five (when my family moved to the nearby suburbs of Glen Burnie).

But I’m also cautious in my optimism because I remember what happened in Florida when a white police officer wannabe named George Zimmerman was indicted, his case went to trial, and he still managed to get away with murdering an unarmed African American teen named Trayvon Martin. (By the way, did you hear that George Zimmerman was recently involved in another shooting—this one stemming from a road rage incident? That man needs to be locked up before he kills again.) I’m hoping that history doesn’t repeat itself in Baltimore.