I recently took part in the yard sale which was organized by Changing Focus, whose support group meetings I have been attending since the early days after my husband abruptly walked out on me. I managed to get rid of some more unwanted clutter around my home and I managed to have fun hawking some wares to the general public. I stopped by the Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church to drop off my stuff the day before the yard sale and I took a couple of photos.

The crucifix in the next photo is one that I’ve owned since I was around 7 or 8 and I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church. (I think it may have been a First Communion present but I don’t remember for sure.) The cross is made from a very light wood (the crucifix is literally light as a feather) and the rest of the parts are made from plastic. My parents sent it to me along with other items from my old bedroom after I got married and moved in with my husband but I never hung it up on the wall like I did in my parents’ home. By that point my husband and I started attending a Unitarian Universalist church and that faith places less emphasis on crosses and crucifixes. In addition, my husband was never really crazy about crucifixes and I didn’t want to hang it up in our bedroom out of respect to him. Yet I somehow couldn’t bear to let it go so I put it in storage for a number of years. With my husband being gone and with leaving my Roman Catholic past very far behind me, I finally decided to let it go to a new home. That crucifix was sold so I’m hoping that the new owners enjoy it.


The next photo shows the remnants of my ex-husband’s old comic book collection that he never picked up. I used some of the issues to make my comic book coasters, which I sold at the previous weekend’s Greenbelt Mini Maker Faire. I sold half of the uncut comic books at the same event. All I did was transfer the remainders to a smaller box then donated them.


As I was leaving the church, I noticed that it was a warm sunny day with the tulips being in full bloom.



The following day was a different story altogether. The day was very cloudy and it was cold. (I don’t think the temperature ever got beyond 50 degrees Fahrenheit.) At times the weather forecast called for rain but, fortunately, the rain held off until the evening when everything had already closed down hours earlier. Despite the lack of sun and warmth the yard sale was well attended. There were plenty of interesting stuff on sale, such as these three inflatable Christmas lawn decorations. All three of them were sold that day. Someone in the group told me that these decorations, along with other smaller Christmas ornaments and decorations, were donated by a woman who had suddenly become homeless. I don’t know what her story is but it really sounds sad.


I found this lamp that was so kitschy that, if it weren’t for space issues in my home, I would’ve bought it for myself. On the surface it looks like someone had placed these two stuffed mother and child teddy bears next to the lamp.


Until you looked on the back and saw that the lamp pole was fitted through a hole on top of the teddy bear’s head.


What’s more, there was a wind-up mechanism on the back so if you wind it up, it would play music. It’s a lamp! It’s a teddy bear mother and child plushie set! It’s a wind-up music box! It’s all of them! That lamp was definitely a hoot!


It’s a black cat candy dish. Granted it was made for Halloween but that cat really looks scary as hell and it would definitely induce nightmares.


I saw a TiVo on sale. I can remember when those things were a big deal years ago. My late mother-in-law and her second husband were given a TiVo by one of his children for Christmas and they used it frequently to record PBS shows and Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show. I don’t really hear much about TiVo anymore so I have no idea if it is even relevant these days or if it’s one of those items that should be in a museum somewhere.



I saw this really lovely doll and I came close to buying her. But then I found that one of her feet is broken. (You can see it in the photo as one of the feet seems unusually twisted.) I ended up not buying her because she has no joint movements at all. I tried moving her arms and legs but they just would not budge. Plus she was made from porcelain. I once owned a porcelain doll that also had no joint mobility so she just stood there on the shelf for years gathering dust. I grew tired of dusting her so I ultimately gave her to Goodwill, American Rescue Workers, or some similar group.  At one point a man who has repaired dolls in the past was interested in buying her to refurbish her until he got a good look at her foot and he found that the foot was broken into a bunch of pieces and he couldn’t remove her show because it was glued to her foot.


That doll ultimately ended up in a thrift shop that sent a truck to pick up all of the unsold sale items at the end of the yard sale.

The Changing Focus Yard Sale was held as part of a larger event that’s held in the spring and the fall in Crofton that’s called the Festival on the Green. The yard sale was held on the lawn of the Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church. The church itself was holding its own book sale inside the church where it sold a variety of used books, periodicals, CD’s, DVD’s, and even VHS tapes. I found a section dedicated to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. For a total of $8 anyone could get all four books in the original Twilight saga, which was a fraction of the cost of just buying the first book in a regular book store or on Amazon.com.


I also walked over to the craft show that was held on the grounds of the Crofton Country Club. It was a relatively small show but there were a variety of nice items on sale.






Despite the gloomy cold weather I took a photo of one of the flowering trees that was in full bloom that day.