Alice Barker was a chorus dancer during the Harlem Renaissance who also appeared in a few films. Last fall, at the ripe old age of 102, she finally saw herself on film for the first time and her reactions are priceless.

For those who are addicted to taking selfies, here’s a toaster that you’ll love. For $75 you can have a toaster that will toast your favorite selfie on a piece of bread every time you’re in the mood for some toast.

Last night Bruce Jenner officially confirmed what has been rumored for many years: He is a transgender who has always felt like a woman even when he won the Olympic gold medal in the men’s decathlon event at the 1976 games in Montreal. Here’s a wonderfully written response by one of Jenner’s ex-wives, Linda Thompson, on how she long knew Jenner’s secret and her feelings on what it was like to be married to a transgender person. It’s definitely a moving piece that’s worth spending the time to read.

Last October I wrote about my trip to the former Enchanted Forest theme park, which is now a regular shopping area known as the Enchanted Forest Shopping Center. There were a few things at that shopping center that provided clues to its former life as a fairy tale wonderland for families, such as the castle topped by a lute-playing dragon right next to a Petco on the shopping center’s far end and a giant storybook next to the castle. If you looked behind a back fence, you could see the remnants of the former Gingerbread House, which once hosted children’s birthday parties. The owners of the shopping center has just announced that they plan on moving the castle and the giant storybook to the nearby Clark’s Elioak Farm (which currently houses most of the former Enchanted Forest attractions) while razing both the Gingerbread House and Cinderella’s Castle. Once these changes are made, Old King Cole with his pointing finger will be the only remaining vestige of the shopping center’s former theme park past.