A tutorial on how to make a very cute tiny book charm for a necklace or keychain, which would be the perfect gift for a bookworm.

15 Things to Make From Old Jeans—As someone with at least one pair of jeans that’s literally falling apart, I’m very glad I found this one.

A free tutorial on how to draw using Coptic markers.

When a man named Davos wanted to propose marriage to his girlfriend, he opted not to go to a jewelry store to buy a diamond engagement ring. Instead he made his own engagement ring while providing detailed photos on how he did it. It could be useful for anyone who wishes to do something similar.

Here’s a free .pdf tutorial on how to make origami paper cranes.

You can now browse other free tutorials previously mentioned in this blog (along with pictures) right here.


If you think the old clothes that you donate to organizations like Goodwill or the Salvation Army end up in thrift stores here in the United States to help cash-strapped lower income people—think again.

Late last year I wrote a post on why I was happy that Urban Outfitters shares are in the toilet. Well Urban Outfitters haven’t finished with intentionally putting out items guaranteed to offend certain groups of people. The latest one is this piece of tapestry that resembles what gay prisoners wore in concentration camps during the Holocaust. That tacky tapestry has joined the list of the 16 stupidest things Urban Outfitters has ever sold.

Right now much of the East Coast of the United States is in the middle of this horrible extreme cold spell complete with sub-zero temperatures in some areas. These two Boston-based entrepreneurs have come up with a way of growing food even in the dead of winter.

From MAJOR sideboob to race wars: How liberal and conservative sites keep you coming back.