Here’s a blast from the past. This is something I worked on about 5, 6, 7, or even 8 years ago (I don’t remember the exact date).


Here’s some background. A friend of mine named Joe decided to do this community art project that would hang on the walls of the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, Maryland. He took some photos of himself, did some image manipulation to outline the images in the photographs with thick black lines and removed all color. This resulted in something that looked like it was a page torn from a coloring book. Thus a new project, called “Color Me Joe”, was born.

The idea was that each person would take one of these pages and color or decorate it in any way he/she wanted. Then the resulting pictures would hang on the walls of the New Deal Cafe. Color Me Joe ran for at least a month and new colored pages were added to the walls until the end of the show. The above graphic was my contribution.

As someone who used to play the guitar on a regular basis (and still has a guitar at home while I keep on telling myself to pick it up again and stop procrastinating), I was drawn to the page of Joe holding a guitar while wearing only shorts. I took the page home and colored it in with colored pencil. Since Joe was pictured as a shirtless guitarist, I decided to add a poster of a shirtless rock star guitarist to the wall. (For the record, the shirtless guitarist in the poster is David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. I took a screenshot of a scene from the movie Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii then reduced it in size in order to fit the picture. Then I printed it out, cutted it out, and glued it on the art.)

I finished it by going to a local arts and crafts store, where I bought a small pack of glitter music notes stickers that I found in one of the scrapbooking aisles, then I stuck the stickers all over the page.

When I handed the results to Joe to hang it on the walls of the New Deal Cafe, he totally burst out laughing. He really loved it. My piece was hung alongside other people’s contributions.

The Color Me Joe show ended and I moved on to other things. A few months ago I ran into Joe at the gym and he said that he changed his Facebook Profile Picture to my contribution to the Color Me Joe show. I was pretty flattered that he used something I did a few years ago.

He later changed his Facebook Profile Picture but today I found that he used my piece on his Facebook page to publicize his band’s upcoming gig at The Argonaut in Washington, DC tomorrow night. (He plays with a group called The Bachelor and The Bad Actress, which also have their music posted on That graphic got a lot of responses from his friends and I even had one of them contact me through Facebook Message and we had a nice talk on Facebook Chat.

It’s kind of cool that something I did years ago can still resonate with people. 🙂