Yesterday I attended the funeral for my one-time college housemate, Ann Elsen, who passed away from ALS at a too young age. The event was held at the Elkridge Furnace Inn, I had a relatively long commute to get there, and both I-95 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway tend to get very clogged with cars during the evening rush hour on Fridays. So I decided to leave early in the afternoon so I could get to Elkridge on time. It’s a good thing I did because I kept on running into traffic jam after traffic jam on I-95.

It turned out that I reached Elkridge about three hours early so I decided to go to nearby Ellicott City and kill some time by walking around the historic district. I’ve been to that area before and I always like walking there and doing some shopping. (It’s especially pretty in the fall where the entire area is surrounded by leaves that are in the shades of red, yellow, and orange.) I was a bit on the broke side so I didn’t purchase anything but I still had fun with taking pictures of the area.

Historic Ellicott City

Stone Building

Dentist Office Window

Main Street

La Palapa Mexican Restaurant

Blue Star Memorial By-Way

Window of Antiques Shop

Main Street

Figurines in a Gift Shop

Ty Beanie Ballz Plushies in a Gift Shop

Main Street Mural

Jewelry Shop Window

Poster in Shop Window

Metanoia Church Sign

Southwest Shop Window


Main Street

Grumpy Cat Stuffed Animal in Store Window

Dolls in Store Window

The Rumor Mill Bar and Restaurant


Lego Train Garden Sign

Female Easter Bunny Store Window Display

Main Street

Below is the outside of my personal favorite, The Forget-Me-Not Factory.

Outside of The Forget-Me-Not Factory

That store is literally stocked full of stuff ranging from fairies to unicorns to Betty Boop to Christmas ornaments to Halloween displays to steampunk goggles. Even the outside is full of displays.

The Forget-Me-Not Factory's Store Window Display

Store Window Display at The Forget-Me-Not Factory

Wind Sock Displays Outside The Forget-Me-Not Factory

The inside is crammed with lovely items on all three floors. Here are a few small samples.

The Forget-Me-Not Factory

The Forget-Me-Not Factory

The Forget-Me-Not Factory

If that’s not enough, the third floor of the store has a player piano that one can operate by inserting a quarter. I shot this video at the store five years ago. When I was there yesterday, I found that the player piano is still there and it still works when you insert a quarter in the slot.

After my visit to The Forget-Me-Not Factory, I saw on my watch that it was getting late so I headed back to my car while taking a few last photos of the historic section of Ellicott City.

Main Street

Main Street

Easter Banner

Store Window


Covered Steps, Patio, and Rock Garden



I made the short drive from Ellicott City to Elkridge and I arrived at the Elkridge Furnace Inn just in time. The memorial service was very lovely and the reception was full of very delicious food that I managed to gorge myself on. I also ran into some old college friends and socialized a lot with them. (There was one noticeable no-show: my college sweetheart who later became my ex-husband. It was no major loss on my part. I was better off not seeing him or his new second wife who used to be one of my friends.) It was a sad yet enjoyable evening. I think Ann would’ve loved it.