When I first casted my ballot for Barack Obama in 2008, I bought into the campaign’s message of hope and change. After seeing the Bush Administration cut back on searching for those who conducted those horrible terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in favor of invading Iraq (a nation that had noting to do with 9/11) based on manufactured fake evidence and allowing Wall Street to tank the economy in 2008, I thought that having an Obama Administration would be a step up. Over time I became totally disappointed about the Obama Administration, which I wrote about a few years ago. The sole reason why I voted for President Obama’s re-election is because the Republican Party put up a candidate who, as head of Bain Capital, created lots of jobs in China at the expense of jobs here in the United States and expressed open disdain for 47% of the potential voters instead of actively reaching out to those who aren’t rich like he is.

It should’ve been a historic presidency due to the election of the first African American person to the Oval Office. Had Barack Obama actually followed through on his promises of "hope" and "change", this nation would be experiencing a turnaround with U.S. jobs being returned to American soil, the employment rate would increase each month, and those Wall Street executives who tanked the economy back in 2008 would be sitting in jail cells now. But all that didn’t happen.

Now that President Obama doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected again, he’s now trying to start a U.S. military action in Syria. This has happened so fast. There have been protests against the Assad regime in Syria for the past couple of years. Recently someone used chemical weapons against unarmed civilians. At first the reports say that it was the Syrian government who did this. Now I’m hearing conflicting reports that one of the rebel groups may have actually used chemcial weapons and not the Assad regime. Next thing you know, President Obama seems to be eager to have the U.S. strike Syria as soon as possible. Never mind the fact that a vast majority of the American people are opposed to this action.

So much for hope and change.

In the meantime there are large numbers of Americans who are still unemployed and underemployed. There are large numbers of college students who are being burdened by crippling debt because they wanted to study for jobs that ended not being there when they graduated. Those on Wall Street who originally tanked the ecnonomy in 2008 are still free to continue their sleazy ways. There is a sequestration that has been imposed on this country by those in government for many months and more and more social programs have had to curtail its activities or even close its doors because of it. This country desperately needs help from its government and the government cares more for Syria than U.S. citizens.

Don’t get me wrong. I think those chemical attacks were an abomination and whoever was responsible for those attacks should be held accountable. But I think this should be done through the United Nations and the International Criminal Court, not the United States. Especially since it’s likely that the U.S. would be doing this totally alone. Not even its closest ally, the United Kingdom, is getting involved in this potential mess.

As for President Obama, I have to say that the only good thing he did was to finally get some kind of health care reform passed and it will become a reality in less than a month. But he erased whatever little respect I had for him left by adopting President George W. Bush’s policy of unilaterally invading a Middle Eastern country that is no real security threat to the United States. I not only write this as an American citizen but also as someone who have two relatives who are currently serving in the U.S. Navy and I’m hoping that neither one of them end up getting sent there. In any case, not only am I done with him but I’m also done with his Organizing for America. PHOOEY!

By the way, there is opposition forming against this upcoming U.S. action. Go to Facebook and do a search under "No War With Syria [INSERT NAME OF CITY HERE]."