Once again Black Friday at stores across the U.S. are full of stories about people fighting and shooting each other. Curiously most of the violence happened at Walmart stores. Here is one such scuffle at one of the Walmarts. You won’t believe why people broke out into a riot. It wasn’t because of cheap TVs or blu-ray players or a limited number of a hot toy available on the shelves. People were rioting over towels that went on sale for $1.28. That’s right, $1.28 towels. TOWELS! People were rioting over towels.

With something that cheap, I wonder about the quality of those towels. Were the towels so crappy in quality that Walmart decided to price them so cheap so the store could be rid of them? Given the $1.28 sale price, I wonder how many times it needs to go through the washer/dryer before it disintegrates. 10 times? 5 times? Less than 5 times? Boy won’t the people rioting in that video feel stupid when their efforts to obtain those cheap towels start to fall apart soon after going through aff that effort just to buy them. (LOL!)

Then there’s the video shot at a Walmart in Mesa, Arizona that features plenty of butt crack.

This next video shows the best thing about Black Friday at Walmart. People comprising of striking Walmart workers, union members, and the Occupy movement went into a Maryland Walmart and conducted a people’s mic-check. It’s pretty awesome to see.