From Fat to Thin

From Fat to Thin

14 inches x 12 inches
36 cm x 31 cm

I originally created this piece for a design class that I took at a local community college a few years ago. It was my commentary on my positive experiences with playing the videogame Dance Dance Revolution (starting in the early 2000’s) when I actually lost some weight, improved my fitness, and increased my stamina. (I also adopted a diet low in fat and sugar, which helped with the weight loss.)

While I tend to play Dance Dance Revolution on the PS2 in the privacy of my own home, for this assignment I took a digital photo of the arcade game version of that game at a local mall arcade (which has since closed down). Using photos of my Kim Possible doll, I illustrated a story of an overweight person (I used acrylic paint to widen the doll’s origninal width) who played on the DDR machine until she became very thin.

Okay, I’ll admit that you won’t lose weight playing Dance Dance Revolution the very first time. I just wanted to give an impression of the positive results I gained from playing that machine.

I had to temporarily give up playing DDR when my left hip turned bad and I underwent a hip replacement. But I have since resumed playing that game. (These days I alternate between playing DDR on the PS2 and playing a Nintendo Wii game.)