The bitch has signed that bill into law so the police in Arizona now have the right to harass anyone–both citizens and noncitizens–simply because they look Hispanic. My Mexican-American sister-in-law and her three children (two of them adolescent boys) are now sitting ducks for police harassment and it will all be legal.

When I first heard about this bill, I immediately began to remember the stories I heard about the Third Reich. When Hitler first issued his anti-Semetic laws, the authorities were empowered to harass anyone who was Jewish or who even looked remotely Jewish and it was all legal. Well, I was watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC last night when I saw this story about the lawmaker who sponsored that bill is a Republican lawmaker who forwarded articles written by white supremacists to his supporters via e-mail then attended an anti-immigration rally where he was pictured with a J.T. Reddy, a noted white supremacist.

So a Republican lawmaker with ties to white supremacists have sponsored the bill that empowered the police to do the same thing to Hispanics what the SS did to the Jews during the early days of the Third Reich–harass them.

Of course the Third Reich didn’t stop with just harassing Jews. They came up with concentration camps, where millions of them were slaughtered. If this bill is allowed to stand in Arizona, will that same Republican lawmaker with ties to white supremacists sponsor a bill authorizing the creation of concetration camps in the desert? After all, why stop with harassing Hispanics when the authorities can come up with a Final Solution and get rid of them once and for all?

I hope the Federal Government intervenes in this and overrules Arizona because this bill is totally draconian.