This piece was based on a photo I took of a Goodreau Dolls Wiggles the Pig ball-jointed doll that I really liked. As a way of learning Adobe Illustrator better, I imported the photo into that program and traced a vector graphic over it. When I found out about this upcoming exhibition that I’m currently in, I printed the graphic out using special fabric that’s designed to go through ink jet printers. Some parts of the printed piece came out a bit on the light side (most notably the pig snout) so I mixed some acrylic paint with GAC 100 and painted over the light area. I sewed it on a piece of white felt that had a sticky back. Then I took the sticky back and placed it on this really pretty bandanna that I found at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics & Crafts. Afterwards, I painted some pink glitter paint over the white felt area, then sewed the top edge around a dowel rod, attached string to the dowel rod, and I had a hanging fabric art piece.

This piece is currently part of a multi-artist fabric art show that is showing in the Meetinghouse Building of Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church in Adelphi, Maryland until this Sunday, January 10 following the end of both the weekly Sunday service and the Social Hour following soon after the end of the service.

What’s really great about this piece is the versitility. At a later date, I always have the option of removing the dowel rod and cutting the bandanna fabric down a little bit to fit on a quilt. Or I could sew it to the back of a jacket. Or sew it to the front of a pain t-shirt or sweatshirt.

For inquiries, please send an e-mail to kstark at erols dot com.